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History Department Faculty Listing by Field and Hubs of Inquiry

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American History
Cahn, Emberton, Herzberg, Malka, Radford, Rembis, Seeman, Thornton, Wolcott, Young

Asian History
Des Forges, Gaynor, Nathan, Stapleton

Early Modern European History
Bono, Dewald, Schen, Vardi

Modern European History

Daum, Mazón, McDevitt, Pack

North and South Atlantic History
Daum, Langfur, McDevitt, Muller, Schen, Seeman, Young


Hubs of Inquiry:
Culture and Society
Bono, Cahn, Daum, Des Forges, Dewald, Emberton, Gaynor, Mazón, McDevitt, Schen, Seeman, Thornton, Vardi, Young

Bono, Cahn, Mazón, McDevitt, Schen

Bono, Daum, Des Forges, Mazón, Thornton, Vardi

Daum, Des Forges, Emberton, Mazón, Pack, Radford, Vardi

Transnational Developments
Bono, Daum, Gaynor, Langfur, McDevitt, Schen, Seeman, Young


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