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Picture of Helju Aulik Bennett


Helju Aulik Bennett, Associate Professor Emerita



Education: BA, Kansas, 1957; MA, Kansas, 1959; PhD, California Berkley, 1971.

Modern Europe


Research Interests:
Kievan, Imperial Russian, Soviet Politics,Groundrules and Institutions. Comparing Russian and Western Political Cultures. Russian Institutions Designed To 'Keep People From Leaving. Ways and Means Autocrats Used in Granting Permission To Leave; Meanings of Russian Political Language. Russian Leaders and officials.

Selected Publications:

"Russian System of Ranks and Orders" in Reinterpreting Russian History: Readings 890-1860. Ed. Daniel H. Kaiser and Gary Marker. Oxford Univ. Press, 1994;

"Chivalric Orders, Chiny, and Officialdom" in Russian Officialdom: The Bureaucratization of Russian Society, The Seventeenth To The Twentieth Century. Ed. By Walter Pintner and Don K. Rowney. University of North Carolina Press, 1981

"Evolution of Meanings of Chin: An Introduction To The Russian Institution of Rank Ordering and Niche Assignment" California Slavic Studies Vol.X, University of Calif. Press, 1977;


Research Fellow; Western Societies Program, Institute For European Studies, Cornell University, 1997;

Visiting Research Professor At Hoover Institution For War Revolution and Peace. Summer 1990;

National Endowment For Humanities Grant For College Teachers, Summer, 1986;

American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship,1975-76; Phi Beta Kappa.

Affiliations and Other Notes:
Member of AAASS; Western NY Group of Historians; Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference. Worked With Emily Tall, Russian Language, and Student of Jewish Culture; Dr.Fred Fleron, Political Science. Expert in Soviet Politics. Intermittent Attendance At Univ of Illinois Summer Labs; and Munk Center; Russian and East European Center Symposia and Programs.


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