University at Buffalo Department of History


Name Department Email Field/Hub of Inquiry Research
Barbara Bono English Early Modern Europe, Culture & Society, Gend Shakespeare, 16th and 17th century English literature
Carrie Bramen English Culture & Society, Gender

post-Civil War American literature, multicultural fiction, contemporary Latino literature and cultural theory

Galen Brokaw Romance Languages North & South Atlantic, Culture & Society, Knowledge

Colonial historiography, indigenous writing, orality and literacy

José Buscaglia Romance Languages North & South Atlantic, Culture & Society, Transnational Developments

Caribbean aesthetics, coloniality/raciality, creole nationalism, imperialism

Kah Kyung Cho Philosophy Asia, Knowledge, Transnational Developments phenomenology, existentialism and hermeneutics
James Currie Music Culture & Society, Knowledge

18th and 19th c. musicology, intellectual and cultural history

Alexis DeVeaux Women's Studies America, North & South Atlantic, Culture & Society, Gender

Women, global literary discourses, black women writers and the re-imagination of American culture, autobiography and biography, black feminist theories, writing as methodology

Randy Dipert Philosophy America, Modern Europe, Knowledge American and European intellectual and cultural history
John Dugan Classics Culture & Society, Gender, Knowledge Roman cultural history, history of the late Roman republic, Cicero
Stephen Dyson Classics Culture & Society, Transnational Developments Roman history and archaeology, Roman Italy and Western Empire
Peter Ekeh African-American Studies North & South Atlantic, Culture & Society, Transnational Developments Africa and the slave trade, Nigeria

David Engel

Law Asia, Transnational Developments Comparative Law, US & Thailand
Michael Farrell   Sociology Culture & Society, Gender

Social Psychology, Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Small Groups, Friendship Groups, Adolescence

David Fertig Linguistics Culture & Society German linguistics



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