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History, a vital part of any liberal arts education, is an exploration of how people have lived, thought, and tried to make sense of their worlds. It is cross-cultural and multi-dimensional, addressing the breadth of human experience and uncovering patterns that are essential in situating ourselves in the present and preparing ourselves for the future. The History Department at UB offers a wide array of courses and stresses the development of research, writing and communication skills vital for many different careers. History graduates are well prepared to apply to professional schools and work in numerous fields, including business, law, government, journalism, librarianship, museum management, and teaching at all levels. In truth, the critical thinking and writing skills that are the hallmark of training in history are assets in almost any line of work. The study of history also equips people to understand their own lives in a larger context and to participate effectively in public life.


James Bono, Department Chair

office: 539 Park Hall
phone: (716) 645-3435

Jonathan S. Dewald, Director of Graduate Studies

office: 555 Park Hall

phone: (716) 645-8406

David Herzberg, Director of the MA Program

office: 565 Park Hall

phone: (716) 645-8416


Victoria W. Wolcott, Director of Undergraduate Studies

office: 540 Park Hall
phone: (716) 645-8400



Department of History
546 Park Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-4130
phone: (716) 645-2181
fax: (716) 645-5954

For undergraduate major/minor advisment please call or email the Director of Undergraduate Studies at


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